Luton International Carnival

Peace & Harmony (theme). Can you spare OM Group 2hrs?

The community is under represented and over the years with the help of many volunteers OM Group presents amazing costume designs for participants to parade in during Luton Internal Carnival. To showcase community skills and be represented in our town would be fantastic.

This requires time, commitment and dedication if you have these qualities then OM Group can help mirror them with life learning skills.

Provided we have a Co-ordinator to drive the event, OM Group be at Luton International Carnival Friday 8th May in commemoration with VE Day events across the UK. Contact OM Group to get involved. It’s absolutely free. Come and help our friendly team with various tasks. Decorating, Face Painting, Costume Dressing, Float Construction, Stewarding, Organising Music and Masti - There is a role for everyone.

Carnival Creation

Carnival Parade

Costume Design

Mock Interviews

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Swami Vivekanada

Swami Vivekanada

Swami Vivekanada

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