About us

Unity in the Community

OM Group is a Luton based charity with the ambition to unite the diverse community through social, sporting, educational and cultural events. In their eighteenth year, their committee are dedicated to fulfilling the passion that grew OM Group to life.

On 10th March 2000, four like-minded, young individuals had a vision of uniting the community. This vision was first put into practice with a local “Holi” event a festival of fresh springs, fun and frolics. From there OM Youth (OM) was born. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and with the hard work, passion and dedication of many young individuals, OM has gone from a youth group to an established charity, with a reputation far beyond the living room it began in.

The name OM Group perfectly described us in just one word.

“OM, according to the ancient scripts of the Vedic civilisation, is the sound of life. It is the

infinite vibration that shimmers through the universe, providing life and sustenance to everything. OM is the

beginning and will continue till the end; the one constant that unites all of creation at its deepest level”.

Over time OM Group has organised events and excursions for the local community to celebrate festivals, socialise and develop community cohesion. As time has gone on, OM Group’s vision has extend to encourage the community to carry out selfless volunteering (Sewa), as is one of their main focuses for the future. OM Group works to appeal to people of all ages, genders and nationalities and encourages them to get involved with all OM Group has to offer. As OM Group moves forward with new ideas, members and events, it stays true to its roots and will always strive to bring about unity in the community.

Founding members of OM Group

Alpa Panchal

Raj Parmar

Sandhiya Katechia

Sheema Panchal

"OM Group has excelled beyond imagination. It’s really flattering that other communities look at OM Group as a standard bearer. No one can question the integrity and dedication of the Group which has won them respect from all the Community".

Dhansukh Panchal

Vice President - Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj, Hindu Temple, Luton

"The activities of the OM Group over the many years have been instrumental in the creation and development of a strong and effective united community. It is a testament of what can be accomplished when a group of like minded people within the community work together about dramatic change in uniting the local community".

Bipin Raja

President – The Lohana Community

“Congratulations to OM in, bringing the community much closer to our true cultural values of humanity (sewa) with total dedication, inspiration and motivation, for the future generation".

Kamal Acharya

Acting Chairperson – Diverse FM

Unity Through Social, Sporting, Educational & Cultural Events!