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"Sanatana Dharma, which means eternal faith, or the eternal way things are."

Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj was established in 1975 and is a Hindu Mandir and a Community Centre serving the local community in and around Luton. It was the first place of worship and a centre for the Hindu community in Bedfordshire.

The centre's contribution to the religious welfare and cultural, educational and recreational life of the community has benefited the community in Luton. It celebrates all the major Hindu festivals throughout the year.

The Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj (Hindu Mandir) is also the first Fairtrade Hindu Mandir in the UK to be granted a certificate by the Fairtrade association for using and promotes the use of fair trade products.

Upcoming local events at Shree Sanatan Seva Samaj (Hindu Mandir)

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